Windfelder Family Tree


6. Anna Othila Windfelder

OCCUPATION: 1880 census, dressmaker in Baltimore, MD

John David Abel Jr.

BIOGRAPHY: He worked as a printer for some years, later going into business for himself. At one time he publiched the only "Pigeon" paper on the East coast. Later he conducted a restaurant and finally went into the electrical contracting business. He was a very versatile man.

10. John Henry Abel

BIOGRAPHY: "Harry" Abel came to Colorado from Baltimore at the age of 17 in 1900 to join his uncle John H. Windfelder and learn the sugar business. "Harry" was the manager from about 1914-1927.

BIOGRAPHY: In 1925, Harry Abel brought Charles Lindburgh to Sugar City for a few days.  He was doing stunt flying in Rocky Ford, CO.  He would go to the telephone office every night to call his mother.  From Remembrances of Wilber Harris, Pueblo, CO in the book Attached to "Sweetness a Chronicle of Sugar City Past to Present"

BIOGRAPHY: He was a master Mason, Consistory of Pueblo, Al Kaly Shrine, Elks, in La Junta.

DEATH: Died in a plane crash in which he was the pilot in Sugar City, CO.

FUNERAL: Funeral notes from Davis Mortuary, Pueblo, CO:  2:00 pm, Monday, March 24, 1930.  Cremation at 1:00 pm. on Tuesday.  Officiated by Rev. Heber C. Benjamin.  Singers Mrs. J. A. Brown, Mrs. G. G. Withers, Chrles Wilson, F.D. Spooner, accompanied by Mrs. E. W. Spencer.  Songs "Thou Hidden Love of God, "Angels of Jesus" and "God of the Living".

FUNERAL: Funeral costs were $375.44.  

FUNERAL: Attendants at funeral service:  wife, children, Ann and Margaret, Mother and father, J.D. Abel, 2 sisters from Baltimore, MD.

BURIAL: Ashes were scattered by the sister of the deceased at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, March 30 and scattered from an airplane over the landing field of the Pueblo Airport.

BURIAL_SITE: Burial Site: Ashes spread over Boggs Flat, west toward Beulah, CO on Hwy 78

INQUEST: 1930, Coroner E.O.McCleary of Ordway

OCCUPATION: 1930, President of Motor Securities Investment Co.

Eileen R. Richards

OBITUARY: From Pueblo Chieftain obit (no date): She lived at 2201 Balboa, Pueblo, CO.  She died of cancer.  SHe was a member of McClelland Children's Home Board, and past President of same; member of Service Leqgue, the Pueblo Co. TB and Health Ass'n; gray lady at Parkview Hosptial.  During WWII she served as head of the American Women's Volunteer Services.  Born in Denver 12/12/1896, lived in Rocky Ford and Sugar City, moved to Pueblo about 1926.  Member of Church of Ascension.

BURIAL: Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO, T-054

OCCUPATION: Bet. 1915 - 1918, Taught school in Sugar City, CO

RESIDENCE: 1913, Moved to Sugar City, CO from Rocky Ford, CO

11. Joseph Everett Abel

DEATH: Died of Pneumonia contracted while working in the snow to repair down electrical lines.

Wilhelmina B. Gebhardt

Social Security Number: 066-52-1912

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Floral Park, Nassau, New York

12. Christina Abel

BIOGRAPHY: Died in childbirth.

Edmund Bernard Fladung Sr

BIOGRAPHY: Edmund B. Fladung (Doc) was a self educated naturalist and photographer. His areas of interest were ornithology and entomology. Together with a group of friends he founded the Natural History Society of Maryland  ( He was the President of the society until his death in 1956.